4PX Tracking 

Put 4PX Tracking , Shipment, or Pro Number in the track and trace tool to get the details your parcels, consignments and shipments online.

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Phone number: +86-755-23508000

4px Express Tracking Number Example/Format


4PX Post Link Tracking

Post-link is an excellent service provided by 4px which makes use of some foreign resources to ship cargos from China to the desired destination by air freight and last mile delivery by local post or private couriers.

Singapore Post 4PX Tracking

When the shipments are sent through the Singapore post, the tracking details appear on the official Singapore post website. All other shipments other than Singapore post can can be tracked through 4px website.

4PX FedEx Tracking

4PX is responsible for picking up package from the concerned seller, moving it through China, exporting and handing over to FedEx for final delivery.

About 4PX Express

4PX Tracking 

4PX express company is China’s top cross-border logistics company founded in 2004. Undoubtedly, this proficient company provides you with the best e-commerce solutions. In more than 50 different points, 4PX offers their services along with their 1,500 professional employees. Two major investors support the company endlessly: Shenzhen Capital Group and Singapore Post Limited. 

Furthermore, it provides software, logistics, and consulting serving as well. More than twenty thousand retailers choose and regularly use the services of 4PX. Over a short span, the company has become the leading market of China in terms of orders, revenues, and overall values. 4PX is associated with Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and other e-commerce solutions as a preferred partner. You can hire them for having fast, safe, and warehouse services at an economical price. Upon this, the 4PX Express Tracking solution of the company allows you to track the status of your parcel anytime, anywhere. 

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How can I track my package by 4PX?

You can track your 4PX package with the help of the Four PX Express Tracking solution. The only thing you need to get is the tracking number. Thereby, check your emails received by this company as it sends the number in the confirmation email by 4PX. Go and copy this number to paste it into the tracking box given above. Afterward, click on the track button located near the box. Now, you will track the order and check its status. 

How much time does 4PX express take to ship a parcel?

The shipping time depends on the courier ship between 12-25 days in Germany, France, Turkey, Netherland, Korea, and the USA. On the other hand, it takes 4-14 days to ship a package to the UK, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Nepal, and Singapore. 

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