Ashton Drake Order Tracking 

Enter the  Ashton Drake Order Tracking number to find the delivery details of your parcels, shipments within no time.

Ashton Drake Customer Service:-

Hotline Phone number: +1 866-903-2752

About Ashton Drake Galleries: 

Ashton Drake Order Tracking 

The Ashton Drake Galleries are famous doll-making manufacturers. The company has a wide range of collections of dolls according to specific themes and topics. Moreover, it includes dolls in the shape of babies, celebrities, brides, and many more exquisite doll creations. The brand has served the community with its doll collections for 32 years. Nonetheless, the reason for the success of the company is its quality standards. Ashton Drake always uses top-notch materials for creating their dolls, such as porcelain, resin, TrueTouch silicon, and RealTouch vinyl. 

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Interestingly, the other prominent fact about the company is that they have an expert artist for making their dolls. The artists know their duty very well and, as a result, provide the best dolls in shape, look, and quality. That’s not it; even many Ashton dolls possess human-like features such as producing sounds, moving hands, breathing, and pumping heartbeats. Thus, you can contact the Ashton Drake Galleries and learn more about their dolls. Also, you can shop these dolls online from the company’s online store and track them until they arrive at your home. 

How do I check the Ashton Drake order status?

You can track your Ashton Drake order using the tracking box given above on the Webpage. The only thing you need to do is enter the tracking number in this tracking text field. This number you will receive by the relevant courier company in the confirmation email. Once you get this number, you can now track your order. Now enter the number in the tracking box and click on the track button. Wait for a while; soon, you will be able to check your order’s real-time status. 

How long does Ashton Drake take to ship an order?

The standard shipping time of the Ashton Drake is 6-8 weeks, but in only three weeks, generally, the order will be delivered by Ashton Drake. There are other shipping options also available; you can check them, but it takes extra charge. 

How can I cancel my order on Ashton Drake?

For canceling your Ashton Drake order, you can call 877-519-0649. Also, you can email your application to [email protected]  or submit the cancellation request on their website. 

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