Bulgarian Post Tracking 

Enter the Bulgarian Post Tracking number in the our tracker to know the details of your postal packages, shipments.

Bulgaria Post Customer Support Information:-

Telephone Number: 02 / 949 3280
Contact Email: [email protected]
Helping Hours: Every workday from 9,00 to 17,30

About Bulgarian Post: 

Bulgarian Post Tracking 

Bulgaria is a subject of unbalanced history. Undoubtedly, its history played an important role in the country’s development. The history of Bulgarian posts is as old as the country’s history. The mail had a great influence on the establishment of Bulgarian; however, Bulgaria had no control over the mail and postal service in the county. After the liberation war of Russian-Turkish, the control was transferred to the Bulgarian authorities. From there, the journey of non-stop success had begun and continued. 

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Bulgarian Posts allow the customer to send their parcels to the whole country. Upon this, it also handles the distribution and managing of the systems of all postal services in the state. The people of Bulgaria can use Bulgarian Post to send their letters and parcels to all the countries that are members of the Universal Postal Union. Two thousand nine hundred eighty-one post offices in the Bulgarian Post fulfill the need of even the most remote places of Bulgaria.

How can I track my Bulgarian Post parcel?

You can track the parcel with the help of trackingsinfro.com. The only thing you need to do is get the Bulgarian Post tracking number you will receive from the company. The carrier will send it in the confirmation email, from where you can copy the number to paste in the tracking box given above. After pasting the number, you have to press the track button present near the box. Here you press the button there you will be able to track the parcel. 

How long does Bulgarian Post take to ship a parcel?

Domestic shipping takes up to two days for the standard shipping. However, in the case of priority mail, the parcel can be delivered in one day. On the contrary, Bulgarian Post can take up to 5 working days to deliver a package. For the express service, it can produce your order in three working days. The Post takes 4-5 average business days for UK shipping to deliver the order.  

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