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About Celadon Trucking

Celadon Trucking Tracking

Celadon is a logistics and transportation company placed in Indianapolis, Indiana. All around North America, it includes the top ten largest truckload carriers. Anyhow, the company was founded in 1985 by Caledon. It was one of the top 10 truckload carriers in North America at one point, operating 4,000 trucks and owning an additional 11,000 trucks through its leasing company, Quality Equipment. It is known as the most secure truckload carrier with multiple first-place finishes. Moreover, Celadon is a flexible trucking company that can cover a hundred miles without any problem Therefore, these expert 3rd party logistics providers give their services in all of North America. 

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Further, this big asset-based company has been grown a lot and made new strategies to fulfill different transportation needs. Especially from the last decades, it has become the prominent firm that stands on each client’s standards. The following services the company offers to you:

Freight forwarding: They are always committed to delivering orders fast and safely with reliable techniques and strategies. Apart from this, it also develops such technologies that make the freight forwarding services best than ever.  

Warehousing: Caledon has a versatile and large warehouse where any consignment can be stored without any problem. 

Shipping: No matter in which region of North America you want to send your parcel, the firm has the proper set up and preparation for handing in critical shipments. 

Containerized facilities: In this service, the firm accepts all types of containerized services, which include temperature-controlled, intermodal, and flatbed containers. It will fulfill all the needs of your item. 

Besides, Celadon trucking has other modern and custom carriers facilities as well. However, advanced and effective technologies are the plus point of their management. Technology such as Caledon trucking tracking enables you to get real-time visibility. 

How can I track my Celadon trucking?

You can track your item by using the option of Caledon tracking given by the company. You need a tracking number that Caledon will provide via email. Open that email, copy this number and paste it into the tracking box. After that, press the track button, and there you get all the data in a few seconds.