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Phone Number: 1-800-810-6673
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Dr Martens

Dr Martens Order Tracking

The iconic brand, Dr. Martens, popularly referred to as Doc Martens, Docs, or simply DMs, has its roots in Wollaston, England. Beyond its recognizable shoes, the company also offers a range of other products, including clothing, bags, and shoe care items. Its distinct features include the “bouncy” air-cushioned soles, the recognizable upper form, the leather construction, and the signature yellow stitching. The brand’s items are manufactured in several countries, including Vietnam, China, the UK, Laos, and Thailand, with its creative hub located in Camden Town, London.

Dr. Martens has a unique origin story rooted in World War II, where its founder, Klaus Marten, served as a medic in the German military. After sustaining a foot injury, he found his military boots too uncomfortable, leading him to make improvements by adding a comfortable leather upper and air-cushioned vulcanized rubber soles. In 1947, Märtens connected with his former classmate Herbert Funck in Munich, and together they started their company in Seeshaupt, Germany, using leftover moldy scrap latex. The soft-soled shoes became a hit with stay-at-home mothers, with women over 40 years old making up 80% of the brand’s revenue in its first decade.   

How do I track Dr Martens Order?

You can simply track and trace your orders using the trackingsinfo web tracker. You need only enter your tracking number in the space above. After that, hit the track button. You will be guided to a tracking page.