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Estenson Logistics Customer Care :-

Phone number: (480) 940-8800 / (480) 940-8802
Contact Email: [email protected]
Office Address: 560 West Brown Road, Suite 3001 Mesa, AZ 85201

About Estenson Logistics

Estenson Logistics Tracking

Estenson Logistics was established in 1999 with the purpose of being the best specialized logistics firm in the world. Tim Estenson and Paul Truman dreamed of Estenson Logistics while relaxing in a coffee shop, sketching out their business proposal on a napkin. Achievement should have been simple with Tim’s vision and Paul’s business experience. Nevertheless, bringing that vision to life proved to be a difficult task.

Tim was dead set on making his business a success, and he put everything he had into it. Consumers began to express their enthusiasm for this newly established logistics company, and corporations were quick to get on board. Estenson Transportation was purchased by Hub Group, one of North America’s top multimodal suppliers, in 2017 and now runs under the Hub Group name.

Hub Group Dedicated has built a culture in which they provide their customers with the finest of the finest in dedicated freight forwarding since 1999. They’ve accomplished this culture by providing and maintaining a number of critical elements that ensure they stay true to their mission.

They aspire to be a natural evolution of your company. All of their logistics solutions are totally customizable to meet your individual demands and requirements. They are pleased to be a SmartWay Transportation partner, as it will assist them with energy efficiency improvements while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Hub Group Dedicated has conserved over 123,000 thousand gallons of fuel, reducing CO2 grams per mile by 92 grams since 2008. Furthermore they provide real-time monitoring of your package throughout it’s journey.

How do it track Estenson Logistics?

Trackingsinfo is an online platform where you can track and trace your shipment. Just put your tracking number in the above box. All the information related to your order will be shown. Furthermore, you can visit their official website, where you can access all the information about your order.