Fidelity Express Money Order Tracking 

Enter the Fidelity Express Money Order Serial number and Sent Amount to track and trace your Real time money order delivery status information Online instantly.

Fidelity Express Customer Care:-

Phone number: 800.621.8030
Office Address: 1301 Main Street Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

About Fidelity Express: 

Fidelity Express Money Order Tracking 

Fidelity Express is the leading money order space and walk-in bill payment company. It was founded in 1988 as the GSC Enterprises, Inc division. In more than thirty-eight states, the company has several stores, including in the district of Columbia. Moreover, the company handles millions of payments yearly from their consumers effortlessly. 

GSC Enterprises, Inc, the main hub, came into being 70 years ago and has been operating for years by family members. However, the firm remains a family-owned business where Ryan McKenzie serves as Chief officer and Michael K.McKenzie as the Chairman of the Board. Hence for years, the operates of the foundation has known how things work when it comes to processing a money order. They monitor and manage their division as well super efficiently across the U.S. 

How can you track your Fidelity Express money order? 

You can track your money order by using a tracking number provided by the company. You will get this number in the confirmation email. Once you get it, it means you can track your item. Now go to your emails and open the confirmation email copy the number to paste it into the tracking box. In the end, click on the track button, and there you will be able to check the status of your money order by Fidelity Express. 

How can you cash a money order by Fidelity Express?

You can cash your money at retailers or check cashiers, depending on the policies of cashing location. However, you can also deposit the money orders into your bank account. But the agents of fidelity express are not obligated to cash an order.