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Phone number: 1-877-885-2081
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Fisher Scientific: 

Fisher Scientific Order Status Tracking Online

In the United States, Thermo Fisher Scientific is a big supplier that supplies scientific reagents, consumables, instrumentation, and software services. This scientific corporation is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. In actuality, the company came into existence with the amalgamation of Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron in 2006. Also, Fisher has acquired other service providers: Alfa Aesar, FEI Company, Life Technologies Corporation, Affymetrix, and BD Advanced Bioprocessing. 

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Chester G. Fisher founded Fisher Scientific in 1902. It worked to supply chemical, laboratory equipment, healthcare, education, and scientific research services. On the other hand, Thermo Electron focused on providing laboratory and analytical products. These companies were merged in 2006 and named Thermo Fisher Scientific. Today, up to 125,000 employees are serving the consumers with the best facilities and guidance. The company’s products are sold under Fisher Scientific, Thermo Scientific, and other well-known acquired brands. 

Almost 46% of the company’s sales go for the life sciences, 34% for industrial and environmental industries, and 20% for healthcare. 

How do I track my fisher scientific shipping?

You can track your shipping by using the Thermo fisher tracking solution. A tracking number you will receive in the confirmation email by the company that you will enter in the tracking box given above. Once you enter the number, press the track button and wait for a while. Now, you will be able to get the real-time visibility of your parcel. Also, you can log in to your fisher scientific account and go to the order section. In the order section, choose the order that you want to track and press on it to get the tracking details.