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Enter Greyhound tracking or Confirmation Number in the below field to get the delivery status of your parcels, consignments, cargo, online.

Greyhound Customer Support

Contact Number: 1-800-739-5020
Email: [email protected]
Timeings: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Central time zone, Monday through Friday
Corporate Address: P.O. Box 132820 Dallas, Texas 75313-282​

About Greyhound

Greyhound is the biggest bus transportation company that was built up in 1914. Over time, this logistic providing firm developed a unique and extensive network at work. Today, the company is serving more than 2400 locations across North America. Due to the successful courier journey, it became an icon for the Americans. Moreover, the state’s consumers enjoy the safe and reliable bus services of Greyhound. 

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Mainly, the agency is famous for its regular organized passenger services. But, that’s not mean the company neglects its other facilities in the form of Greyhound Package Express. This well-known firm’s courier services add same-day and next-day early delivery packages in several points in North America. The schools, conventions, businesses, and other groups can have charter packages at affordable rates. In 2010, the company introduced the city to city service, which rapidly extended to more than 135 markets in North America. 

Apart from this, the Greyhound has a wide range of partnerships with the U.S based independent bus lines. In some way, these companies support the Greyhound lines with their top-notch services. Primarily, the FlixMobility and Amtrak companies work with the Greyhound. Due to the year’s dedication and advanced technology, the company also built the most significant Europe’s long-distance bus network. In 2018, the company launched green trains in the US, France, and Germany. 

How can you track your package by Greyhound?

You can use the Package ID Number and Busbill Number for tracking your package. You can take this number and add it to the box given above. Once you enter the number, press on the text “Track” to access your parcel’s real-time visibility. If you have multiple shipments, you have to click one by one Package ID of them to view tracking details. 

How long the Greyhound take to deliver a package?

It depends on the range of miles you want to ship your courier. If you’re going to have your package between 0-125 miles, it will take two days. It takes three days for ranges 126-275 miles and 276-500 miles ready for four days. In this way, the process goes on; however, you can use the package ID and Busbill Number to check your parcel’s status regularly. 

Is Greyhound often late?

The Greyhound buses services are famous for being late, but it doesn’t happen regularly there might be some issues. So, it will be good if you reach there a half-hour before your boarding at your bus point. 

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