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Enter the H&M Order Tracking number in the tracker field to get the delivery status of your packages, orders, shipments, online.

H&M Order Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 855-HNM-SHOP (855-466-7467)
Contact Email: [email protected]
Support Timing: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 01 am (EST)

About H&M

H&M Order Tracking

H&M stands for Hennes and Mauitz AB is a multinational company that promotes clothing lines. It is a Swedish company that is headquartered in Stockholm. Nonetheless, this company is immensely known for its fast and exclusive fashion clothing for children, teenagers, women, and men. In 2019, the H&M ran in up to seventy-four countries, having more than 5,000 stores under the name of multiple brands. Moreover, in global clothing retailing, H&M stands in the second-largest position. 

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If we trace it back, we know it was found in 1947 by Erling Persson, an old culture it reserved. At that time, Erling Persson started a shop in the Vasteras with the name of Hennes. Hennes is a Swedish used for “hers.” He sold women’s clothing in his shop. However, in 1968, he acquired Mauitz Widforss in Stockholm, where the men’s clothing collection was selling. In this way, the name “Hennes & Mauitz” originated for the company, later becoming H&M. 

At present date, there are more than 5000 points of this big firm where over 126,376 employees have been working. All the setup and facilities H&M provides you are top-notch. Among them, HM Order Status is effective in tracking your order. 

How can I track my H&M order? 

When your parcel is ready to ship, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email, a tracking link and number will be given. You can click on this tracking link when you want to track H&M orders. Moreover, you can use the tracking number by adding it to the tracking box and pressing on track button. Another way to chase your order is to open your Merchant’s account of H&M. Then, go to the Orders section and click on the order you want to track. You can use any of these ways for H&M track orders. 

Which companies does H&M use for shipping?

When the package is shipped, it is handovers to the partners of H&M, which are Canada Post, UPS, Hermes, USPS, and Estafeta. 

How long does it take H&M to ship your order?

The H&M believes in fast shipping services; thereby, only 2-4 days will the order be delivered to you. Further, the company provides its service from Monday to Saturday; however, your parcel can be a little delayed in case of bank holidays.