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Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Home Depot: 

Home Depot Order Tracking 

Home Depot is a hardware and DIY company, a famous firm in the USA. The reason might be because it is the first retailing company in the industry of building materials in the world. Therefore, today the company owns up to 2,009 stores in Canada, Mexico, the U.S, and Puerto Rico. Apart from this, the 355000 staff working by all of their potential in all company stores. Also, the company has a foundation dime 2011 built for the aid of war veterans and human harm by natural disasters. 

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Home Depot is headquartered in Georgia, Cobb Country, and Near Atlanta. Craig Menear manages the firm, the CEO as well. Presently, the company is hitting up to $66 billion. The company provides its products worldwide so that people can order them easily. For that orders of more than 45$, the company offers a free shipping service in the U.S. 

How can one track his Home Depot Appliance shipping?

You can track your home depot order using the trackingsinfo tracking solution. It allows consumers for home depot appliance delivery tracking conveniently. The only thing you have to do is put the tracking number in the given track box. The number you will get by the carrier company in the confirmation email. Open the email and copy this number to paste on the tracking box. Once you paste it into the tracking box, press the track button. Then, you will be able to track your home depot order. 

How long does the company home depot take to ship an order? 

The company takes up to 5-10 working days for the home delivery; on the other hand, when it comes to ground delivery, it takes 3-5 business days. 

What shipping company is used by Home Depot for delivering an order?

Home depot uses different companies for their item shipping process, including Roadie, UPS and FedEx, and some other qualified carriers. 

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