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International Bridge Customer Service

Contact number : (877) 727-2354
E-mail Address: Not Available

About International Bridge

International Bridge Tracking

The International Bridge is the company that has been serving the people with their high-quality services of shipping parcels. It is empowering a wide range of e-commerce retailers all over the world. The company was founded back in 1999. Since then, it has worked with all dedication and focus on making things convenient while shipping. Hence, soon they introduced advanced solutions for the customers who do not affordable shipping charges from their sellers. The company collaborates with these e-commerce providers and gives no budget or low-cost for shipping your parcels. Nonetheless, the international bridge now offers high volume domestic and international shipments with great effectiveness and efficiency. 

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International Bridge creates a variety of unique international and regional shipping solutions for small, medium, and large e-commerce shippers that provide the lowest rates, the quickest delivery, and the greatest customer experience. They supply both software and bespoke transportation services, unlike other suppliers, to meet your particular demands now while also having the potential to develop with you in the future. 

The organization prepares a unique model by making intelligent systems that keep in touch with the package, customer, and shipping process. With this innovative feature, you can check the progress status of your parcel right after the shipping of the box. There are four characteristics that the company keeps in mind: technical flexibility, solution scalability, ease of integration, and parcel visibility. Also, it has maintained a professional on-site staff that handles national and international orders with extreme care. The experts of industry and technology make sure to deliver the packages as fast as possible. 

What types of services International bridge provides you? 

The International Bridge is a well-known parcel delivery company. The company’s primary focus is to support e-commerce sellers and their customers. At a low budget and no cost, it makes sure the delivery process has been taken fast and conveniently with a wide range of parcels on national and international forums. 

How long does the International bridge take to deliver a parcel from China to the US?

There are three types of delivery packages. The delivery time is between 7-11 days. For the express delivery package, it takes 3-7 business days. The parcel will deliver in 3-5 days with the express plus delivery package. 

How long does the International bridge parcel take to deliver from the US to China?

The parcel from the US to China will deliver in 3-7 business days. In any national holiday and severe weather, the time can be expanded. But, the company offers you much lower rates than UPS, FedEx, and other popular carriers. 

How can I track the International Bridge parcel?

The company makes things super easy by providing the International Bridge tracking features. With this function, you can track your order by noting your’s parcel tracking number and adding it to the box given in the above section. Once you enter the number and click on the track button soon, all the details regarding your shipping will be displayed on the screen.