King Size Order Tracking

Enter the King Size Order Tracking number in the below Tracking System to get the delivery status of your parcels, shipments, and packages online.

King Size Customer Care:-

Phone number: 1800 810 702 or 08 9471 4104
Fax: (08) 9370 4150
Contact Email: [email protected]
Office Address: 874 Beaufort St Inglewood Perth Western Australia 6052

About King Size: 

King Size Order Tracking

King Size is a brand of US-based that promotes big size and oversized menswear. It was established 100 years ago, approximately in 1920. The idea behind the company’s purpose is to focus on those who have been constantly neglected by society, the tall and big men. Indeed, it is one of the first brands that sell big, large, and tall menswear all over the USA. 

If you are either 6’2″ or taller, King Size is all you need to shop. Upon this, weight is also not a matter; feel free if you are looking for a costume of 225 pounds man. The brand is known for providing high-quality and affordable clothes. Every type of cloth such as large shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, and so many others, including shoes and other related accessories to men. 

How do I check my King Size Order Status?

You can check your order by King Size by using the trackingsinfo track box. You need a tracking number given by the carrier when the shipment is ready to deliver. Enter this number in the tracking box above and press the track button. After that, wait for a while; there, you will get the tracking details of your order. 

How can I cancel my King size to order?

You can cancel your order if your order has not yet been processed. As your order will be prepared according to your size and color choice so, once it proceeds, there is no chance of amendment. You can call (800)677-0249 for more information about it. 

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