LME Freight Tracking – Lakeville Motor Express

Enter the LME Freight Tracking number in the below Tracking System to get the delivery status of your parcels, consignments, cargo, online.

LME Contact Details

Phone Support number: 800-888-4950
FAX Number: 651-638-9694
Customer Support Email: [email protected]
Mailing or Letter Support Address
PO BOX 88271, Chicago IL 60680

About LME

LME Freight Tracking

LME is the abbreviation of Lakeville Motor Express, a company used to give transportation services, including LTL. The company is located in Minnesota and has the coverage ability of up to ten mid-western states. Lakeville motor express back in 1921 was founded by the Lakeville Motor Express in Minnesota. Nonetheless, the company focus on the maintenance and preparation of auto motors. Therefore, it has all the information about the vehicles needed by car lovers. Lakeville had around 500 people, 1,000 trucks and trailers, and 34 terminals at the time.

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Lakeville Motor is one of the famous online automobiles company that targets online car dealers and enthusiasts interested in the auto industry. Not only does it provides the information but also it offers cars, vans, and tractors. Also, it offers Less than track load courier delivery services. So you can consider this company when it comes to vehicles and logistics providing. Anyhow, LME has tailored solutions for their audience; among them is tracking. So whenever you order something using LME, you can track it with the LME freight tracking solution. 

How can I track my LME’s order?

You can track the LME order by using a tracking number. When you place your order soon, you will receive a tracking number. Put the number in the box mentioned above and tap on the track button near to box. After a few seconds, the details will appear on your screen, and thus you will be able to track your package by LME.