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Enter Nippon Express Tracking number, Bill of Lading (BOL), Air Waybill (AWB) number in our tool to track air Cargo, Containers & freight delivery status details.

About Nippon Express

Nippon Express Tracking

Nippon Express comes on the list of significant logistics companies in the world. The company was launched in 1872 in Japan. From there, the company is always a prominent firm that plays a vital role in developing international commerce and the economics of the world. This firm provides excellent air cargo, integrated transports, ocean cargo, and other logistics services on both the national and international levels. 

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Moreover, there are more than 700 offices in forty-four different company countries. Along with this, seventy thousand proficient and hard-working employees prepare the company for future challenges by making it a reliable and versatile multinational company. Nippon Express has the latest and most intelligent, tailored solutions for the customer’s needs. 

Therefore, they don’t care if you want to ship commercial products, personal parcels, a complete removal, or to deliver an oversized item; the company already has diverse solutions to meet your standards. 

Among all the solutions, there is one more solution: Nippon Express Tracking. Anyone who wants to access real-time visibility can do it with the answer. The company is also committed to efficiently delivering fast, safe, and on-time parcels. 

How do I track my Nippon Express?

In the case of tracking Nippon Express order, you find out your tracking number. With this number, you follow your parcel and an identification number stamped on the item. However, the company provides you with this number or sends you via email in the shipping confirmation message. Once you find the number, please put it in the tracking box given above. After that press on the track button and there you get access to your parcel. But, if you see an error in the process, it might be your mistake in typing the number; otherwise, the problem can be on the other end. In this case, it is better to go to the customer support of Nippon Express and ask them about it. 

Is Nippon Cargo Express a reliable and real logistics company?

Yes, it is a hundred percent actual freight forwarding and logistics company with a network in more than 44 countries. Furthermore, the company is reliable as it makes sure to stand on the client’s requirements. Thereby, they are committed to providing them with safe, friendly, and on-time delivery. 

Who owns the company “Nippon Express”?

The company is headquartered in Tokyo, where it is listed in the stock exchange of Tokyo with the ticker TKS (9062). Anyhow, the banks and financial organizations such as SMGF and Mizuho financial group dominated most of the shares on the company. 

How big is Nippon Express?

Activities Nippon Express had yearly revenues of more than the US $16 billion in 2017, placing it among the top five worldwide logistics service companies. Nippon Express operates a global network of over 40 countries, including company-owned businesses in 33 of them.