OOCL Container Tracking

Enter the OOCL Container, BL, booking number in the below system to get the delivery status of your container, logistics, shipping, online.

OOCL Container Customer Support

Contact Number: (91) 22 66511100

OOCL Tracking Number Format

Prefix OOLU – Contains Digits and letters

About OOCL Carriers:

OOCL Container Tracking

Before knowing what OOCL tracking is, it would be better to talk about OOCL company details. The OOCL is the extensive shipping line of Hong Kong. OOCLL stands for Orient Overseas Container Line Limited, whereas OOCL stands for Orient Overseas Container Limited (Europe). These are two subsidiaries that separately cover certain parts of the world. 

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However, both are subsidiaries of Orient Overseas (International) Limited. It is the most well-known brand in Hong Kong fulfills most of its logistics and transport needs. Upon this, the brand has developed a vast network in all continents. 

Now let’s enlighten a little history of this global company to know its well. The late C Y Tung started Orient Overseas Line in 1947. C Y Tung was the founder of this vast shipping line. In 1969, the brand has renamed the brand ” Orient Overseas Container Line”. In May 2017, OOCL’s biggest containership was built with 21,413 TEU.

Nowadays, the OOCL developed an excellent reputation and offers its consumers a broad range of services that covers east and west trade corridors. In container transport, it appears as the best customer-centric solution. Therefore, the company also provides its clients with the OOCL Tracking service. This service allows you to track your container once the OOCL ships it. So, you can monitor your item continuously until it reaches your door. 

How can someone track an OOCL container?

You can track the container you order to OOCL to ship to its destination by using the loading number on the master bill. Also, you can call it an order number. You can enter this number on the track given above and press the text “Track” near the tracking box. Now check the real-time status of your order. However, there is another way as well, which is to login into your merchant account of OOCL and explore the order section. Click on the respective order that you want to track.