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About Orange Connex

Orange Connex Tracking

Suppose you are in the e-commerce field in China and want to export your business to other countries, so you must know about Orange Connex. It is the technology company that plays the role of a fourth party logistic provider. With their proficient analysis of the market, innovative techniques, and advanced system development, they also advise on financial services in China.

Orange Connex (China) Limited is a joint venture between CITI CPE, a leading Chinese private equity firm, and eBay, a worldwide e-commerce pioneer. As a result, they have a significant number of resources and years of successful expertise in the sector to back up their case.

As a private industry, the company is ruling among the competitors. Being a successful pioneer in the worldwide e-commerce platform Orange Connex has a significant influence. The reason for this success is the stable and fast services of the company, especially for their commercial clients. Moreover, it provides supreme assistance at an affordable price. You don’t need to worry when you hire this company for your official marketing support, as the firm makes sure that no problem occurs from their side.

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In which areas does Orange Connex Tracking offer its services?

In more than 51 countries, the company provides its direct mail service. The countries Australia, US, France, Germany, Spain, and many more come in this direct mail service list. Apart from this, the 26 provinces, 185 cities in Chine, and fourteen stations of Hong Kong are also covered by them. Now, the exclusive speed-free service is supported in the Western ports of the US. From Shanghai, they set sail to the US ports.

What exactly the company Orange Connex sell?

As discussed above, the company provides direct mail services in China and many other countries worldwide. Also, Orange Connex offers its products for e-commerce sellers at an economical rate. On this, they also support their clients by giving financial assistance to them. Undoubtedly, local to the international level, they provide the best freight service for the sellers.

What do you mean by SpeedPAK?

SpeedPAK is the name of the direct parcel and mail facility organized by Orange Connex Germany. Like Germany, they also have various franchises in different countries of the world and cities in China. Nonetheless, the company gives several beneficial supports to their customers, among them the one is fast delivery.

How can I track SpeedPAK parcel and mail?

For knowing your tracking details, you can use There, the website will give you full access to your tracking location at any time and day. Add your tracking number in the track field text and wait for seconds. All the details will appear on the screen where you can see the status of your parcel.

How long does Orange Connex take time to ship?

Usually, the company delivers their services around 8 to 12 days, an average delivery time for the USA. However, the fastest arrival can be in only five days for the United States.

Who provides Orange Connex delivery in Australia?

eBay fulfillment is the latest help by Orange Connex, which gives the most convenient service to the clients. In Australia, the same support will be available along with competitive rates of shipping.

Who delivers Orange Connex in the United Kingdom?

Orange Connex has co-operated with eBay UK, where the sellers can offer same-day dealing, next-day delivery, and an entire tracked detail in the United Kingdom.