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Pegasus Cargo Airlines Customer Support

Phone Support number : +90 216 560 71 11
Fax Number: +90 216 560 70 94
Email Address: [email protected]
Airlines Code: PC Cargo

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About Pegasus 

Pegasus Cargo Tracking

Pegasus is a transportation and cargo carrier company that has set up a valuable vision for its surroundings. This cargo organization comes with the perspective of providing quality functions for enhancing the efficiency in shipping. They offer companies from ground level to business-level affordable prices that one can easily afford. At the same time, fast service is the essential feature of this professional cargo association.

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Pegasus Airlines was founded on December 1, 1989, when two companies, Net and Silkar, joined forces with Aer Lingus to form an inclusive tour charter airline named Pegasus Airlines, which began operations on April 15, 1990, with two Boeing 737-400s.

Besides, the company assures the security and complete safety of all the items they deliver. So, you can rely on them for durable services. It introduced new technologies and solutions that can make the management and support way better every time. Undoubtedly, customers support is the best part of this profitable shipping company. All the time, the team members are available for you if you need any guidance. 

Pegasus offers its Airlines services about thirsty six in turkey and eighty-four in other world locations. On this, it has developed a network in more than forty countries. There are some special shipment departments where you ship a specific cargo package. Firstly, DRG means dangerous goods that include items that can pose a health or property. The other is that VAL means valuable cargo that involves up to USD 1000, gold, diamond, jewelry, etc. When it comes to transportation of the live animals, the chick, bees, and tropical fish can be acceptable. 

It will be good to ask for the complete details of shipment from the customer’s support of the company. Anyhow, whatever you ship, you can check the status of this item thanks to the tracking facility provided by Pegasus Cargo tracking. You can copy the tracking number that the company has given you and paste it on the tracking box available above. Soon, you can see the status of your item wherever it will be. If you see nothing, then might be your order yet not proceed for this stage, you can ask for this information from the company’s customer care. 

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