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About Roadway Express

Roadway Express tracking

Roadway Express is a famous trucking company. The company is specialized in Less Than Truckload LTL services all over the world. In 2003, a yellow corporation acquired the roadway express. Thereby, the parent companies merged to make Yellow Roadway Corporation. Afterward, this corporation is known as YRC in the world. Roadway further collaborates with another national LTL carrier named Yellow Freight. 

Roadway Express was one of 23 significant trucking businesses damaged by a countrywide Teamsters Union strike in April 1994, including behemoths Consolidated Freightways and Yellow Freight.

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If we go back in the company’s history, then we come to know that it was founded by Charles Chick and Carrol Roush in 1930. The company was launched with the name of R & M transportation, aiming to facilitate the rubber industry of the city by transporting tires from Akron manufacturers to automobiles firms. While proceeding further, Roush’s brother joined the team and formulated another firm called Roadway express. However, in no time, the company grew very well and merged with R & M transportation in 1932. 

In the beginning, the company’s focus is mainly on truckload shipments; anyhow, after eight years, the focus expands to company-owned vehicles. Later, it introduced LTL shipping. In 1956, it became a legally traded company when the founder sold his shares to the public. Now, the company has expanded across all the U.S. with 500 points worldwide. The Roadway express is headquartered in Akron, United States. 

How can you track your roadway express package with a pro number?

You can access your shipment directly from All you need to do is enter the Pro number of cargo in the tracking box above. Thereby, the information and status regarding your order will be displayed on the screen. This number consists of the nine-digit numbers also used to recognize a freight bill.  

Is YRC and Roadway Express the same?

Yellow Corporation acquired the Roadway Express company and merged into a new brand named YRC. As a result, the company expanded and grew in terms of their Less than Truckload services worldwide. So, both YRC and Roadway Express are the same.

In the shipping field, what does LTL mean?

The LTL or less than truckload is the process of transporting a certain amount of goods and items that don’t need a full truckload. Therefore, in a single truck, various small freight shipments are transported without any problem. 

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