Russian Post Tracking Packages & Deliveries

Enter the Russian Post Tracking Tracking number in the below tool to get the delivery status of your parcels, consignments, shipments, online.

Russian Post Customer Support:

Contact Number: +7 (495) 956-20-67

About Russian Post: 

Russian Post Tracking

Russian Post is the national postal service of Russia. All the necessary logistics and mailing services this big company fulfills. From issuing postage stamps to providing mailing servicing all over Russia, this company is responsible. Moreover, the company consists of 42,000 post offices and 390,000 employees. The corporation is headquartered in Moscow. According to 2012 estimation, the posts operator handles 2.4 billion emails and more than 54 million couriers. 

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The traces of the company find from the 10 century; however, it was noted in the 16th century. At that time, there were 1,600 points all over Russia. Western European countries also have a post office for the Russian mailing services. One of the examples is the international post routes which result of Russia to Poland parcel delivery. 

The Russian Post are experts in traditional and modern postal services. These services include International EMS package delivery, third-party logistic solutions, and freight forwarding. Apart from this, there are standard express mail postage and parcel delivery facilities. For financial services as well you can go with this profitable company. 

In EMS, the corporations deliver your parcel faster and more excellently; that process completes into only 5 working days. Usually, this service charges in the range of 20 euros, but charges will be finalized depending on the weight and size of your item. 

For tracking your parcel, you will assign a Russian Post tracking number. The company itself sends their consumer this number. The number consists on usually 13-14 digits following the two letters for International shipping. For knowing about this corporation, continue to read: 

How does the Russian Post process?

If all the requirements are complete and according to the instructions of the Russian Post, then you receive a letter or email for confirmation. After confirmation, your delivery will proceed to its journey, and you will get a pro number or track number for the tracking process. 

What is the process of tracking a package from Russia Post?

The process of tracking for Russian post parcels is straightforward. A tracking number you will receive from the company you need to use it. Note this number and put it in the tracking box you are showing on the trackingsinfo web page. In the end, click on the track button given below this box. The tracking information will appear on your screen as you press this button. 

How long does Russian Post take to deliver a package?

A parcel will deliver between 10-30 business days on standard delivery service. However, you can use the EMS option for the fast shipping process. The package is usually delivered in up to 5 working days in this service, but depending on the size and weight, the process can take some more time.