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Enter your Sagawa Express tracking, AWB number in the below field to get the delivery status of your parcels, orders, consignments, and shipments online. 

Sagawa Express Customer Care

Phone number: 050-3032-9151

Head Office: 68 Tsunoda-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Head Office: 2-2-8 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Sagawa Courier Tracking Number Format

You can track your Sagawa courier order with a Tracking Number. A Tracking number consists of 10 to 12 digits. This number is written on the receipt, given to you by the franchise at the time of collection of your package. For further confirmation, please take a look at the image below.

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Sagawa Courier Shipping Rates

The company has introduced a number of products and services to let customers relax. They provide delivery services at a reasonable cost.

Rates may vary based on the city, the time period, the distance traveled, and the weight carried. You may determine your parcel delivery charges by clicking on the link given below.


Sagawa courier offers express delivery services in the country and around the world. They are aware of their consumers’ various requirements.

The following are some of their offerings:


Their TMS (Transportation Management System) is a great instrument for carrying your goods and taking your company ahead. They will create one-of-a-kind physical distribution solutions tailored to your company’s exact requirements. They have produced new customized solutions by enhancing Sagawa’s capabilities and extending their existing charter services, Exclusive Booking, and Direct Delivery.

Consult with them as a first step in solving company difficulties, growing in the future, and taking on new tasks.

  • JR container Transportation
  • Aircraft Transportation
  • Chartered ship Transportation
  • Transportation of Large Objects, Special Objects, and Railroad Cars

Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery is the first custom-tailored delivery service in the market, addressing many of the difficulties that arise during delivery based on the demands of the customer.

Each customer’s shipment is identified by a unique code provided by Smart Delivery. You may verify the number of products planned for delivery the next day in real-time using the data from the unique code you enter on a PDT (portable data terminal).

Global Logistics

They provide full support throughout the whole process, including physical distribution from factories and suppliers outside of Japan to local storage facilities, distribution processing, international transportation, customs clearance, warehouse operations, and Japanese transportation.

Reverse Logistics

One-stop reverse logistics services include product returns for repair, as well as statutory and voluntary product recalls. They provide these services together with a variety of value-added services, such as call center setup and operation, as well as refunds.


The GOAL team, in collaboration with Sagawa Express’ group companies, provides one-stop 3PL services that integrate the company’s countrywide transportation network with storage and distribution processes.

Shippers benefit from SRC, a facility built in partnership between Sagawa sales offices and warehouses, which includes shorter delivery lead times and longer shipment deadlines.

Cold Chain (Temperature-controlled Transportation Service)

Foods that are perishable, as well as some medications, must be transported chilled. In collaboration with Nichirei’s cold facilities and their group firms, they offer them precise temperature control.

Facility Management

They centrally regulate people, materials, vehicles, and information in addition to assisting with the administration of physical distribution at commercial sites. They make the most of the facility’s worth by providing services that contribute to the local community’s environmental friendliness, safety, and security.

Medical Logistics

They establish a physical distribution environment with facilities, vehicles, and materials that are suited for carrying and storing drugs and biological samples, and then submit a proposal. They ensure good quality by completing activities that are clearly described in the instructions and by effectively handling temperature and location data.

Special Cargo Transportation Solutions

They provide suggestions for the whole transportation process of special cargo, including large heavy commodities, frozen and refrigerated cargo, and pharmaceuticals, from estimation to delivery. They offer different supplementary services adapted to your needs, such as packing and unloading, in addition to shipping huge, heavy products from overseas. They can help with exporting and importing temperature-controlled goods, as well as storing and processing them for distribution. They also provide a variety of transportation options, including air, sea, and train.


This is a payment-on-delivery solution that collects the shipment’s purchase price on the sender’s behalf. Cash, credit card, or debit card payments can be made at the time of delivery.

Low card processing rates are offered, and the service avoids the inconvenience of membership registration.

Additional Services

  • Hikyaku Express
  • Hikyaku Large Size Express
  • sgx
  • Hikyaku Air Express
  • Hikyaku Mail Express
  • Hikyaku Telegram Express

About Sagawa Logistics


Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. was founded on 24th November 1965 and delivered its first cargo between Kyoto and Osaka. They have been faithfully delivering products received from our consumers since then, having inherited the “hikyaku no Kokoro” from their founder. The company was registered on November 24, 1965.

They have 58,527 hard-working and experienced employees working for them. They have a fleet of 26673, including mini vehicles.

It wants to improve its door-to-door services and offer complete logistical solutions.

How do I track my Sagawa package?

  1. You can track your order via Sagawa Courier official website.
  2. You can track your order by putting your tracking number into our above tracking tool as well.

How can I request for Courier Pickup?

You may fill out a form to have your courier picked up by visiting their official website or you can contact them. Their representative will come to your location and pick up your courier.

How long does Sagawa take to deliver?

Domestically, it takes 24 to 48 hours to deliver your parcels. Internationally, it takes 3 to 8 days to deliver.

Does Sagawa Courier deliver on Saturday, Sunday, or holiday?

Delivery can be on any day other than Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.