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Staples Order Customer Support

Phone Number: 800-333-3330
Contact Email: [email protected]

About Staples: 

Staples Order Tracking

Staples is a retail corporation in the United States. The company’s main focus is on the sale of office supplies and its products. It completes its working process with the help of business-to-business-oriented delivery options and retail channels. Moreover, some of the branches also offer copy and print services.

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The very first store was launched in 1986 in Brighton, Massachusetts. After that, the company owned more than 500 stores and acquired the other office supply company “Quill Corporation.” However, in 2017, the company’s sale to Sycamore partners was divided into three units under the same Staples name. Apart from U.S retail operations, it also has a Canadian retail operation.

The Canadian retail of staples, also known as Staples Canada, is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. All over Canada, the subsidiary has a wide network of stores. Nonetheless, the company is available for educational and small business supplies needs. It also provides the customers with print services, marketing solutions, graphic design, shipping, and tech services. 

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How can I check my staples tracking?

You can track your order from staples with the help of the tracking info track box. A tracking number you will receive by the carrier in the confirmation email. You can enter this number in the tracking box and press the track button near the box. Now you can check the status of your order without any problem. 

How long does it take staples to ship your order?

Normally, staples deliver the next business day order if you place an order before 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The order takes place after 5:00 pm Friday will be delivered on Monday. The company can take up to 2-10 days for the special orders. Mostly, staples use UPS shipping for orders delivery. 

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