UPS Surepost Tracking

Enter UPS Surepost tracking number to find out your Package, Order, Shipping Carrier, USPS Post Office, SmartPost, and Home delivery status details online.

 UPS SurePost Contact Details

Phone number: 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS)

About UPS Surepost

Surepost Tracking

UPS SurePost is a shipping system provided by United Parcel Services that allows business owners to possibly save money on shipping costs and increase earnings. Many of the annoying shipping fees that online sellers have to deal with occur in the final mile of delivery. Large trucks making many deliveries per day can add up quickly, especially if you’re delivering a lot of deliveries every week. UPS assessed the amount of money lost in the final delivery phase and chose to streamline the process while saving everyone money in the long run.

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With the top three shipping firms, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, it’s common to see multiple trucks at once, even if some of these delivery drivers are going to the same location. UPS partnered with the USPS to produce UPS SurePost, which reduced the number of trucks on the road and required less manpower overall by avoiding numerous deliveries to the same area each day. The process of UPS shifting deliveries to a USPS station for local delivery saves a lot of money; estimations show that UPS SurePost can save up to 20% on delivery expenses.

UPS SurePost is a low-cost economy service for your non-urgent, low-value business-to-consumer needs. Seven days a week, UPS picks up the shipment and the US Postal Service® (USPS®) makes the final delivery. Sunday delivery is only available in certain areas with UPS Saturday operating locations and ZIP codes that are eligible for USPS Sunday service. Among all the services UPS SurePost provides to you is an online tracker where you can track and trace your shipments easily.

Does SurePost have tracking?

The ability to track parcels is a key component of Sure Post. When you use SurePost, you keep this ability. You may use Trackingsinfo to track your packages by entering the tracking number you received when you initiated shipping.

Does SurePost use USPS?

SurePost works with the USPS to deliver locally, so delivery times will be comparable to regular mail.

How long does it take for SurePost to arrive?

UPS SurePost offers delivery two to seven days from the moment the order is placed, so if your products can wait that long, you can save a lot of money. 

Does UPS Does UPS deliver on Sunday?

Yes, they do have the facility to deliver your packages on Sunday.