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VANS, Inc. Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 855-909-8267
Contact Email: [email protected]
Support Timing: Mon – Fri 6:00am – 8:00pm PST
Main Office Address: 1588 South Coast Dr Costa Mesa, CA 92626

About Vans

Vans Order Tracking

VF Corporation operates Vans as an American skateboarding footwear and gear business based in Anaheim, California. Surf, snowboarding, BMX, and motocross teams are all sponsored by the firm. The firm was the principal advertiser of the yearly Vans Warped Tour traveling music event from 1996 to 2019.

Paul Van Doren chose to launch his personal shoe company after having worked for several months at Randy’s, a shoe maker. The Van Doren Rubber Corporation was formed on March 16, 1966, at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California, by Van Doren, his brother James, and Gordon C. Lee. The company made footwear and marketed it to the general community. 12 buyers bought Vans boat shoes on that first day, which are today known as “Authentic” and have a similar model to all those made by Sneakers and other manufacturers, but with a stronger sole.The firm advertised three varieties of footwear with prices ranging from $2.49 to $4.99 (USD). However, on launch day, the business had only made showcase prototypes and had no ready-to-sell inventory—the retail rack crates were empty. Paul Van Doren didn’t have quite enough money to give consumers on the first day. He informed them that they may take the sneakers home to pay the following morning. All of the customers returned the next day to pay.

Mark Van Doren, the son of then-President and co-owner James Van Doren, developed the first edition of the Vans skateboarding symbol in Costa Mesa, California, in the 1970s when he was 13 years old. Mark created the emblem as a spray-paint pattern for his roller skates. The toe tab on a slightly earlier Vans roller skate shoe, the Style 95, was the first to use it. Ever since his son became interested in skateboarding shoes, James decided to begin making skateboarding shoes. Furthermore The company have a unique service in which you can track and trace your shipment online.

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Trackingsinfo is an online platform where you can track and trace your shipment. Just put your tracking number in the above box. At a moment’s notice, all the information related to your order will be shown. For further confirmation, please visit their official website.