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Zoro Customer Care :-

Phone number: (855) 289-9676
Fax: (855) 329-9676

About Zoro.com 

Zoro Order Tracking

Zoro.com was founded with only twenty staff members in May 2011. At this time, the company has a collection of 180,000 items. Whenever Zoro’s team got an order in their initial days, they started to prepare the shipment and deliver it happily and enthusiastically in a short span. However, in 2014, we saw a shift in the company’s name. It changed from Zoro Tools to Zoro. Now it was transparent that now the brand would focus on multiple kinds of products and supplies for the businesses. The passion for expanding Zoro has continued throughout the years. 

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Upon this, their efforts show excellent outcomes as the company proliferates. As the brand grew, the number of staff also increased to continue to work efficiently. Also, Zoro got the best and biggest collector of products. Further, in 2006, the best thing happened was that zoro.com completed the milestone of having one million products in the store. 

Being an e-commerce seller, Zoro has the best and most advanced setup on the website. Whether it is search, order, ship, or track the object, it will show you smoothness and effectiveness in responding. 

How can I check my Zoro order status?

You can check your Zoro shipping with the help of trackingsinfo’s tracking solution. The solution enables you to enter the tracking number in the tracking box given above. This number you will receive by the carrier in your confirmation email. Once you get this number, you will b able to check Zoro’s order status. However, you only need to enter the number in the tracking field and then click on the track button. There, the tracking information will be available to you. 

Where is Zoro located?

Zoro Tools, Inc is situated in Buffalo Grove, IL, US. 

Do I get a free shipping offer by Zoro?

It can be only possible if you order up to $50 products on the Zoro. Otherwise, you have to pay an additional $5 if you do not hit at least fifty. Nonetheless, some products don’t contain a free shipping option.