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ZTO Express Customer Service Department :-

Hotline Phone Number: 95311

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters Address: No. 1685, Huazhi Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai | Postal Code: 201708

About ZTO Express China

ZTO Express Tracking

Since its inception on May 8, 2002, ZTO Express has integrated cross-border, express, commercial, cloud warehouse, air transport, financial services, intelligence, mainstream press, supply chain, and other economic and environmental businesses. Express delivery is the company’s primary business enterprise. In order for the world to recognise the growth of China’s express shipping, it was traded on the New York Stock Market in the U.S. on October 27, 2016. On September 29, 2020, it achieved a notable influence in Hong Kong, making it the first corporation to be listed simultaneously in the United States and Hong Kong. ZTO Express’s yearly business volume hit 17 billion items in 2020, a rise of more than 40% year over year.

ZTO Express leads the way in creating the Network Mutual Aid Association, ZTO Dayuan, and putting in place the “family 1+1” as well as other social initiatives. It is the first company in the sector to expand inter-provincial connectivity shuttle services, enforce and enhance the paid method of delivery, optimise the supplementary transportation service charge payment system, and create a major network share ownership system. Approximately 30,000 service locations, 94 major transit facilities, over 5,350 direct network partnerships, over 10,450 trunk line automobiles (of which over 7,900 were higher dropout trucks), and trunk line transit lines existed as of December 31, 2020. The system covers more than 98% of townships and more than 99% of regions, with a capacity of about 3,600.

ZTO Express has steadily increased its expenditure on the production of new machinery and has continued to place importance on the global development of automated systems, technologies, awareness, and environmental development. It will strive to strengthen partnerships, grow its own business, and give consumers better, more precise, and much more accessible service consistently in the future. A wide range of government charitable work like learning, free shipping, etc. actively pays back the community, spreads the positive vibes of the sector, and has received widespread praise from the community. For a long period of time, while working to develop and continue to expand, it has achieved its social obligations with all-round operational practices, assisting and inspiring a huge number of entrepreneurs who have the guts to take and actively practice.

How do I track my Zto?

Trackingsinfo is an absolutely amazing website where you can track and trace your shipments online. Simply enter your tracking number in the above box. The automatic system will update you with the latest information related to your package. For further confirmation, you can visit ZTO Express’s official website. 

What is Zto China?

In the shortest period of time, ZTO Express, one of the top four express delivery businesses in China, is able to serve a maximum of 10 million to twenty million packages per day.

How long does Zto Express take?

For domestic delivery, it takes 1 to 3 working days to deliver your shipments. For international delivery, it takes 5 to 15 working days.