Hexbug Order Tracking 

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HexBug Order Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: +1-903-453-0804
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: +1-214-853-5687

About Hexbug: 

Hexbug Order Tracking 

 Hexbug is a US-based brand that sells automation and infrared toys. These toys are made up and distributed with the help of First International all over America. Hexbug incorporated the features that have been used to develop Beam Robotics. This invention has been loved and used by many people. These Hexbug are available in significant retail stores. It comes in different varieties and styles. 

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Nonetheless, the company of Hexbug was launched in Greenville in 2007. It was developed and managed by Innovation First International, established in 1996. At that time, the company used to make robotic products on a small scale. The inventions of the Hexbug are not only famous in the US; instead, some of their items sold out across borders. For instance, the company sold its products to Bandai toymaker in Japan. 

Various items are sold under the brand Hexbug. These products are Hexmods, nano, junkbots, battlebots, Mobots, and the Mico Titan series. Upon this, the owner, Innovation First International, has other subsidiaries, including RackSolutions and Vex Robotics. You can get the best robotics and technology-based products. 

How can I track my Hexbug order?

You can track hexbug orders by using the tracking box of trackingsinfo. A tracking number you will reduce by the carrier in the confirmation email. Enter this number in the box and press the track button. Once you hit the button, the tracking information will be available on a screen. Now, you can check the real-time status of your parcel.