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Polamer inc Customer Service

Phone number : (773) 685-8222

Email Address: [email protected]

About Polamer USA

Polamer USA Tracking

Polamer is the biggest mail-order company of polish launched in 1972 in Chicago. Polamer is the most established courier provider in the USA. The company sends a parcel to all the European countries via both sea and air shipping. The reason for the success of this well-developed and famous firm is its affordability, stability, and reliability. Although there are other courier companies as well, Polamer is one of the most famous. You can submit your parcel to any Polamer office of European countries without any problem. 

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The company’s headquarters in Poland are on Puawska 427 Street in Warsaw, where key warehouses for air and sea exports are situated. Because of its proximity to Chopin Airport (Okcie), air shipments may be collected quickly.

With more than forty-five years of experience, the company served millions of people. All over the USA, they offer their services without commission at the most economical price. Moreover, they have a very transparent and straightforward procedure of payment and shipping. Apart from this, the company also gives you access to track the status of your order online until it reaches the recipient. 

Besides, you can send big deliveries such as cars and you can load your furniture and other stuff if you are shifting to Poland. At the best prices, you can book the flight tickets from the USA to Poland and Poland to the USA. I think the list goes on. For more information, you can check the entire post. 

How can I send a parcel to Poland? 

You can go to any office of Polamer and submit your parcel with details. The company received your parcel and ready it for shipping as soon as possible. Also, you receive a tracking number for checking the status of your parcel. 

How much time does my Polamer USA parcel take to deliver? 

This depends on the mode of shipping you choose. If you go with air packages then your parcel will arrive in Poland in only 5-7 business days. Whereas, if you choose the standard sea packages then it will take almost 6-8 weeks. On the contrary, the most economical sea package will drive in 10 weeks to Poland. However, in this package, there is no track support available. In case of national holidays or weather problems, the order will be delivered a little late. 

How can I send a parcel to Poland if there is no office of Polamer in my town? 

If you find no office in your town then simply go to the official website of Polamer where you can choose the shipping packages. From anywhere in the US, you can send the parcel to Poland. Go and register your order on www.polameronline.com, fill in the shipping details, clear the payment and track it online. 

What is the easiest way to ship a car to Poland?

By using Polamer USA tracking you can ship your car to Warsaw, Poland in the most convenient way. It offers you a delivery guarantee as well. 

Do I need to bring everything to Polamer Cargo? 

No, you don’t have to bother as the company also offers the pickup service to their customers. Anyhow, the charges depend on the location and time which will be taken in the whole process. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective procedure for the one who has no time to invest in such things. Everything will happen under the supervision of Polamer USA company in the most efficient and fast way. 

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