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Enter Sundarban Courier tracking number or CN Number in the below field to get the delivery status of your parcels, consignments, cargo, online.

Customer Support

Phone number: 9564218, 9551984

Fax : 880-2-9563995

Email Address: [email protected]

Official Website:

Corporate office: 24/25 Dilkusha Motijeel, Dhaka-1000

Sundarban Courier Tracking Number Format

You can track your Sundarban Courier order CN Number, Sender Phone, Receiver Phone, or Ref No. This number consists of 14 digits (Some other common formats may exist as well) and is written on the upper left corner of the receipt below the bar code. The receipt was given to you by the franchise at the time of collection of your package. Some other common formats may exist as well. For further confirmation, please take a look at the image below.

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Sundarban courier tracking


Sundarban Courier offers its services in Bangladesh and globally. They are aware of their consumers’ various requirements.

The following are some of their services:


They provide documents to both corporate and retail consumers nationwide with this service. Service is provided for envelopes weighing between 1 and 200 grams. These materials are available at 600+ locations across Bangladesh.

Document Corporate

This service is offered to a variety of Bangladeshi business clients. Banks, insurance businesses, global corporations, phone companies, manufacturers, industries, and textile factories are just a few examples. For all goods and services, this service is given at a defined contract-based charge.

Super Express

Extra-urgent delivery materials are listed under the “Super Express Service” category in the company’s list of enveloping services categories. This is considered the fastest and most secure delivery solution for retail and business clients’ valuable special papers in the Internet age.

Valued Declare (COD)

They collect the value-statement amount against “Ecommerce and Condition Parcel Products” from receivers and refund it to the senders through their national network of 110 branches and agency offices as part of this service. This is the simplest and most fundamental activity of this service, and it has been done in Bangladesh for a long time by their firm.


Their company also has a large covered van fleet for delivery of both internal and exterior services to their clients. Their vehicles range in size from huge vans to tiny vans, depending on their needs or the needs of their loyal clients.

CNF & Freight Forwarding

Because Sundarban serves as a single point of contact for numerous clients, the company has expanded its services to include CNF and freight forwarding for its loyal current and future clients.


In today’s world, e-commerce is a well-known internet industry. Customers that sell their own things online from anywhere can be found online. They act as a link between the supply and the buyer or seller.


About Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt) Ltd

Sundarban courier tracking

Since its establishment in 1983, Sundarban Courier Service Pvt. Limited has been a leader in these courier and parcel service activities. Imam-ul-Kabeer Shanto, the founding chairman of the company, has led the efficient development and formation of courier services in Bangladesh, and as a result, Sundarbans is well-known throughout the country.

Sundaraban Courier Service (Pvt) Ltd has been expanding on a regular basis in response to demand and possibilities. As a result, it has established a presence in each and every district of Bangladesh, while also retaining offices in a number of strategic regions outside of the districts. This is a strategic plan for the Company to make it accessible to everyone at all times. It has a presence in even the most distant regions, with over 100 offices.

Furthermore, it has grown to include over 500 nominated agents around the country. As a result, Sundarban has been able to perform strategic planning based on requirements while also ensuring serviceability for everybody.

Sundarban began their adventure in the international industry to serve the country quite some time ago. Sundarban now provides safe delivery support to over 220 countries worldwide, with online tracking at extremely low pricing. We represent the largest and most reputable global express carriers to ensure door-to-door and on-time delivery. Sundarban is currently a reliable single service provider for both business and personal effects transportation in terms of air and sea freight, clearing and forwarding, and export and import.

How can I track my Sundarban Courier order?

  1. You can track your order via Sundarban Courier official website.
  2. You can track your order by putting your tracking number into our above tracking tool as well.

How long does it take for Sundarban Courier to deliver?

They deliver your goods and consignments within 6 working days. For long-distance deliveries, it may take longer.

Does Sundarban Courier deliver on Sunday, or holiday?

Delivery can be on any day other than Sunday, or holiday.